How Was Your Experience With Otescia?

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“When I felt like I didn’t want to be married, when I felt like the cheating, lying, and the hate was ok, I contacted Otescia. She took me under her wing and COACHED ME ALL THE WAY. I was living 2 lives: one of a woman that was cheating with a man who gave me what I wanted, did what I wanted, but could WE could never be seen in public, because we were both married!!!! (don’t judge me), a woman who always lied. Then I was living as the woman who had a husband at home who did everything in his power to make me happy, but because I was cheating I always found him at fault. I was to the point where I wanted to walk out on my family. I felt as though I couldn’t manage the double life, so I picked up the phone and called Otescia, on an emergent situation, she asked me to meet with her and so I did. Without her I don’t know where I would be. She is so very kind hearted, soft spoken and a woman of GOD. I love her so much, because I really believe she helped save my soul b/c without her I would have been on my way to hell. I thank her so much for not giving up on me and helping me get my family back. I thank her for helping me to let go and LET GOD. I thank her for helping me realize who I am....And what I was doing wasn’t healthy nor was it pleasing to GOD ....AGAIN I SAY THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!” -California 


"Otescia makes me want to have a closer relationship with God. I feel like she's my life coach."- Vilseck, Germany


"I've never said anything before, but after watching Otescia God has begun dealing with me on humbleness. She is so humble and sweet." -Charlotte, NC


"Every time I talk to Otescia she helps me see things from a different perspective." -Grafenwoehr, Germany


"I was embarrassed to tell anyone what I was going through with my husband, but Otescia helped me to see that I was not alone. She helped me walk through my pain and start to heal."- Texas


 "Otescia has been like the sister I never had. She is always there with a smile to help me through the tough times." –California


"It was easy for me to talk to Otescia because it didn't feel like she was judging me." -South Carolina

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