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Founder & CEO

A best selling author, screenwriter, success coach, and keynote speaker, Otescia Johnson is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration,  using her education and background in the business world to manage her companies; B.O.Y. Publications, B.O.Y. Enterprises, and O. Johnson Ministries.


Otescia began her foray into the world of entrepreneurship in her early twenties and successfully operated various businesses before settling into her true passions: writing stories that entertain and inspire, as well as encouraging others to wake every day to bet on themselves. She has touched lives globally through both her writing and speaking platforms. 


In 2016, Mrs. Johnson turned her passion for writing into a full-time career. She has published eight of her own books, including the bestselling legal thriller "Adequate Counsel", and assisted several writers in becoming published authors. As a speaker, Otescia is engaging and thought-provoking. Her talks are tailored to fit the needs and interests of her audience, which often yields greater motivation for transformation.


In ministry, Otescia is a captivating teacher who flows prophetically to pour into the lives of God's people. Her heart longs to encourage people from all walks of life to walk in relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. She primarily teaches at events for women, proving to them that if God can use her life for His glory, He can use theirs as well.





Nadeen Cooper was born and raised in Jacksonville NC. She is a woman of God, wife, mother of four, and Author. She manages the schedule, calendar, and booking requests for Otescia R. Johnson of B.O.Y. Enterprise Inc. God assigned her to B.O.Y. Enterprise in January 2018, to help build his people and encourage them to become the women and men He has called them to be. 

Nadeen loves to help build, encourage, motivate and coach people with the help of the Lord. She is a woman of prayer who is passionate about teaching, speaking, and encouraging souls with the word of God. 

You may contact Nadeen via email with questions and/or booking requests.


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