About Us

Born in a small town in South Carolina, O.R. Johnson always knew her life would introduce her to greater possibilities than those she saw around her. Armed with a wild imagination, a passion for success, and determination to succeed, O. R. Johnson beat the odds by earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration even after becoming a young wife and mom.


O.R. Johnson excelled in the business world before unexpected events pushed her to return to her roots and explore her creative side. Her journey into penmanship began with non fiction work aimed at helping women heal from emotional scars created by relationships. These two remarkable books, "He Cheated- A Woman's Guide to Receiving God's Healing After Adultery" and "Lessons I Learned in the Divorce", opened doors for conferences and women's events that help to rebuild women after life has tried to tear them down.


Even with the success of her nonfiction work, it wasn't long before O.R. Johnson realized her real passion is to take readers on a journey of inspiration and entertainment. Using writing as a way to express herself creatively O.R. Johnson is breaking down barriers by telling the stories that need to be heard in a way that ignites a fire for change. She has a natural flair for nail biting storylines and is a master of suspense. When she’s not cooking up her next thriller or speaking at events, she can be found enjoying life with her husband and children.