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He Cheated- A Woman's Guide to Receiving God's Healing After Adultery


After a few short years, I learned that infidelity had infiltrated my marriage. I went through a phase of shock that quickly transitioned to extreme anger. During my angry stage I went through every emotion imaginable and made many mistakes that hindered my healing process. A process that could have been over very quickly took me years to get through.


From shock, to anger, to pain, to shame … all of this while wearing a smile on my face in public. While stumbling through the healing process, I found the most beautiful relationship possible: one with God. A God I could always turn to, a God that would never hurt me, cheat on me, make me feel used, say hurtful things to me, or let me down. I learned to focus on the giver of life. It was at that point that I began to truly LIVE for the first time in my life. He Cheated: A Woman’s Guide to Receiving God’s Healing After Adultery was written to point others to the same source of my healing, Jesus Christ. Each chapter deals with a portion of my healing process and the steps I took to make it through to the other side of the issue. Travel with me on my journey and I guarantee you’ll find something to help you on your own personal road to LIFE, HEALING, AND WHOLENESS!

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Lessons I Learned in the Divorce


Who says divorce has to be the most horrible experience life has to offer? Why can't we accept the situation for what it is and choose to learn and grow from it? Well, Otescia Johnson is encouraging women to do just that!


Instead of moping and being depressed about the unfortunate circumstances of divorce, Otescia encourages women to learn the lessons divorce has to offer so that they can emerge stronger and wiser from the situation. No one gets married thinking they are going to divorce, but if the situation spirals beyond your control, why not empower yourself to blossom into the woman you were always created to be? 


"Lessons I Learned in the Divorce" focuses on ten specific things Otescia learned that have helped to shape her thought process and outlook on life. She now shares this information to help other women transition from pain, anger, and loneliness to strength, wisdom, and empowerment!


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