From the mind of author Jaye Michelle

To Love and Restore

To Love and Restore is a novel that follows the lives of two couples that are struggling to allow their spouses into the intimate places of their hearts. When lies, divorce, and betrayal have plagued your past, how do you ever learn to totally trust anyone again? When the man of your dreams comes, will you recognize him? When your wife is battling the biggest fear of her life, will you recognize her secrecy for what it really is? When your husband becomes distant, will you jump to conclusions or trust the man you married?


To Love and Restore takes you on an emotional journey of faith, forgiveness, trust, restoration, and love.


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The Weak Links Novella Series

Book 1- Lies

Lies are the weak links in the chain of life. Sidney Ford learns this lesson better than anyone she knows. Raised by the grandmother she now has to care for, Sidney is alone, broke, and desperate for someone to take care of her for a change. When the one she believes is the love of her life ends up behind bars, Sidney allows money and her scheming mother to become her compass in life. After meeting the fine, debonair Eric Bradford she decides to become an honest woman, but a remnant from her past promises to destroy her. With her fairy tale ending threatened, Sidney has some hard choices to make as lies from her past collide with present day deceit.


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Book 2- He Lies Too

Sidney Ford has been spared from death not once, but twice by the handsome Eric Bradford despite the fact that she lied and schemed her way into his heart, before attacking and robbing him. Nevertheless, Eric went up against his ruthless father to save her. Was it love or a guilty conscience that made him rescue her? Sidney isn’t sure she can trust him after she treated him so poorly, but likes having him as her own personal rescuer. Maybe it’s time for her to rethink her way of life and give herself completely to her knight in shining armor. After a quickie marriage Sidney finds herself swooning over the handsome man she shares a home with, but little does she know Eric has a few secrets of his own, especially the mystery person that started it all…Stacy!


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